Damp Proofing In Manchester

As a leading specialist in damp proofing and timber treatment, cavity wall tie replacement and structural building repairs in Manchester, we are able to offer a full range of services no matter how big or small the problem, we work in close association with leading estate agents, banks and building societies and are able to carry out full and detailed follow-up survey reports together with solid quotations back to you within 24/48 hours, together with any maintenance items within your valuation or home buyers report.

If you are buying a property and would like a detailed damp and timber report or your mortgage survey or valuation recommends one we can arrange an appointment to meet somebody at the property or collect the keys from the estate agents.

The detailed survey report will also include itemised pricing for any works found to be necessary and if we are contracted to carry out any of the repairs the survey fee will be deducted so basically the survey we Carry out will be for free.

UK Damp Proofing provide reliable and most importantly long lasting solutions to all of your damp and timber decay problems, damp is a very common problem in both residential and commercial properties and it can cause substantial damage if it is not treated quickly and professionally. With UK damp proofing you can be assured your rising damp and penetrating damp issues will be treated using only the most appropriate methods available.

Before we can carry out the appropriate Remedial repairs we need to establish the root cause of the problem whether it be rising damp or penetrating damp or is it condensation? Dry rot or Wet rot is the woodworm active or not? our damp and timber reports Will provide you with an accurate diagnosis for deciding on the appropriate Remedial repairs
So if you are thinking of buying or selling a property or simply concerned about dampness or timber decay in your home then we would recommend a specialist damp and timber report by one of our surveyors, our surveys are carried out in accordance with British standard BS6576 meeting the requirements of building societies, banks and local authorities and can be emailed to you within 24/48 hours.